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I'm Chef Chris, founder of Portable Pubs, LLC 2006. I started this company while attending ASU full time and bartending at various restaurants, bars and mobile bartending companies before returning to my restaurant roots to study the culinary arts.

While building Portable Pubs I created new inventive ways to enhance the business. Such as the introduction of liqueurs into our packages to greatly increase menu variety at our events. Another example is the classic cocktail menu which is a package based on your choice of 5 specific cocktails including any number of menu possibilities with the ingredients provided in those 5 recipes. Both of these menu additions had not been previously seen on menus from other local Arizona companies. We also provide a standard of real bartenders with a minimum of 2 years in a high volume restaurant or bar, and a title-4-safe-serve-certificate from the Arizona State Department of Liquor.

These innovations to the service have been successful for us and we look forward to continuing that trend in the mobile bartending industry by introducing a passion for quality spirits and cocktails with the culinary arts. 

As a result, I found Tyler Perez, our newest partner and Director of Operations for Portable Pubs, LCC. Tyler is here for one very good reason; his knowledge and passion for this art and business, is exactly like mine was when I started the company. Tyler is the creator of the new craft products and cocktails and in collaboration with my self we have re-imagined Portable Pubs Cocktail Catering into "Portable Pubs Craft Cocktail Catering." There is a flair to everything this new company is going to offer to the industry and as I hand this blog off to Tyler to speak more about this, I quote his very words by saying, "America is learning how to drink again." And to that, I say.....Amen. -Chef Christopher (Founder)

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Thank you Chef Chris! Let me add a bit to this story as we relaunch Portable Pubs this August in a whole new fashion to the private and public event industry with the intent to build upon the current trend across the country in the art of craft cocktailing.

As America learns how to drink again, it is becoming evident that the idea of a “craft” cocktail used to be the standard drink ordered at your local watering hole once upon a time, and rightfully so!  

Let's get one thing straight; a vodka cranberry, among other variations of fake juice and basic spirit, should not be considered a “cocktail”. How on earth did a cocktail, a drink that used to be filled with natural flavors, turn into an artificial sugar ridden mess? These new age cocktails far from check all the boxes of a proper mix of spirits. They fall short on flavor, presentation, and any form of professionalism and creativeness. This in fact was not always the case. Pre-prohibition was an incredible time in the art of mixology, and thankfully America is starting to remember!

The evidence is in the up and coming speakeasy-style-cocktail-bars emerging all over the country. We now embrace the wonders of pre-prohibition's crafty style of drinking and are thankful that it has returned once again. Portable Pubs looks to take the traditional art of making cocktails from scratch with natural ingredients to your special event!

Having been founded on new and innovative ways to take on special events, we will continue to thrive in originality. I could not be more excited for what is to come in the upcoming season working closely with Chef Chris in this new journey for a company with a vast and rich history of working special events. So whether or not you have a special event coming up or you find mixology an interesting subject, give us a follow and stay tuned as we will continue to share how to videos, recipes and other great cocktail knowledge with you here and on our You Tube channel.  

-Tyler Perez (Craftologist/DOO/Partner)

Tyler Perez working on new recipes for our craft cocktails menu

Tyler Perez working on new recipes for our craft cocktails menu

Thank you Tyler, it's going to be incredible to see this in action, I can't wait. And, I look forward to handing the reigns to you in being the front man of this business while developing new recipes through out the process. Who knows where the yellow brick road leads to...........

A couple things I wanted to touch base on before wrapping this up. First, we are still offering some of our classic menu packages, one of many things that sets us apart from the rest of the companies here in AZ is that even our more affordable packages are offered with many of the ingredients we make from scratch in our commercial kitchen. We will also be utilizing our new rustic and formal portable bars that we are building from scratch regardless of the package you order. (See our bars here). 

Lastly, I wanted to answer a common question we are getting about the barista service. I can't be more excited to introduce those packages! Unfortunately, we are seeking the right equipment and team to make that happen the way we envision it; which I assure you is unique and worthy of waiting for. We are hopeful that it will be fully available before the beginning of December. 

Please feel free to call us with any questions or to set up a consultation and tasting with Tyler. We look forward to your special event and making you the rock star host that you already know you are. 

-Chef Chris

Call us: 480-420-3167