Craft Cocktails Package (coming soon)


Craft Cocktails Package (coming soon)


Coming Soon……

Craft cocktails is our finest package that we like to call the cocktail version of “farm to table.” Everything on this menu is either made by us, from scratch, or locally produced. A true passion for the essential roots of the art form lost in time makes it’s way back, and to your private event.

Bar set up:

  • 2 certified bartenders (6 hour serve time + 1.5 hour set up)

Full bar set up included (Everything required to run this bar including dry goods, ice & the bar itself).

Host liquor liability with a certificate of your property listed as additionally insured.

Drink Menu:

  • Choose a 5 drink menu from a choice of 14 recipes (7 classic with our own twist/7 of our own creations). *All spirits in this package are made locally in Arizona.

  • Choose 2 locally brewed beers & 2 locally made wines

  • Choose 2 house crafted non alcoholic beverages

    (Includes all necessary ingredients and garnishes)

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