Craft Beer & Wine (coming soon)

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craft beer and wine.png

Craft Beer & Wine (coming soon)


Tap Take Over! All local brews, all local wines + in house made non alcoholic beverages.

  • 4 taps take over from one brewery of your choice. Choose from one of 3 local breweries (coming soon)

  • 2 wine varietals available by season from Arizona vineyards (coming soon)

  • 2 craft beverages (non alcoholic) made in house by our team.

  • Full bar set up (Bartender, portable bar & everything required for this bar including ice, dry goods, fruits, beverage containers, linen, bins, etc.).

  • Host liquor liability insurance including an additionally insured certificate for your property (if necessary).

  • Beer and wine tasting (from one brewery of your choice and two vineyards)

  • Menu printed in 11x14 full color then framed and displayed.

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