Beer, Wine & 2 Signature Cocktails (coming soon)

beer and wine plus cocktials .jpg
beer and wine plus cocktials .jpg

Beer, Wine & 2 Signature Cocktails (coming soon)


*This package can not be purchased here. Please submit a quote form and we will contact you for a phone consultation. A booking can be scheduled at our commercial kitchen, or we can meet with you on site of the event. Pricing is based on menu + guest count. Call us 480-420-4040 ext#4 or Request a quote here.

The affordable wedding package that has gained popularity over the past few years It is common for the signature drinks to be representations of the bride and grooms individual favorite drinks come together in one menu. However, this package can work for a variety of special events.

*This package includes a certified bartender, complete bar set up including everything required to serve this package to your guests successfully.


Beer: Choose 3 domestic commercial beers
Choose 3 wine varietals
Cocktails: Includes 2 signature cocktails of your choice.
Non Alcoholic: Choose 2 non alcoholic beverages (consult with us)

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