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Q: How much product will be provided for our event? 

A: That's a great question! After having worked 1000's of events, we have developed a great sense of how much product will be required to work your event. However, we don't take chances and provide more than necessary. 

Q: When will the bartender arrive?

A: That highly depends on the size of the event and the package you have      ordered from us. The most common answer is 1.5 hours prior to start time. However, this highly depends on a few factors such as the size of the party, the menu you ordered from us, and the type of event. 


Q: Do you have the required host liquor liability for my venue?

A: Absolutely! we carry a full time general liability and host liquor liability policy that is suitable for 99.9% of the valley's event venues at 1m per occurrence, 2m aggregate. There has only been one case in 12 years that we needed to address coverage with a higher level of coverage for which we were able to achieve this for that client. We have never encountered a venue that had a requirement above 1m per occurrence. However, some venues require a certificate for additionally insured. If this is required by your booked venue, call us and we will have that certificate drawn up and emailed to them within 24 hours. 


Q: Can we provide a pay per drink bar for our guests?

A: That is a very common question and thank you for asking. That is what's known as a "cash bar," and is not permitted here in the State of Arizona under any circumstance without a special events liquor license. If your event is at least two months from now and has a guest count that is substantial enough to warrant the hassle to obtain the license, then here is what you need to do. You are required to team up with any choice of non profit organization otherwise known as a 501C3. That non profit will need to apply for the license with the Arizona State Liquor board as well as the city for which the event is being held. This process can take 30 and sometimes more depending on the time of year. One other thing to note is that 25% of the proceeds from this event are to be given to the non profit organization. 


Q: Can we put a troff full of beer out for our guests while your staff only mixes cocktails?

Answer: Unfortunately no products containing alcohol can be served at your event by anyone other than our certified bartenders. Our host liquor liability insurance covers our bartender/s to serve responsibly at your event under the condition that no products are being served by anyone on property of your event. If any beverages containing alcohol are being served by anyone other than our bartender, at anytime, it cancels our liability immediately for the day of, and following day of this event. It's an all around win win if you allow the bartender to handle the cocktail & beer slingin.