Bar Service Packages

These packages do not include any liquor products. For cocktail, craft cocktail, and beer and wine packages visit our cocktail packages page. Call us for a custom quote! 480-420-3167

Certified Bartender

Our bartenders have a minimum of 2 years of experience bartending in real restaurants, clubs or venues. They are title 4 certified, well dressed, personable & will responsibly serve your guests assuring the safety of the community, your guests, and your property. A one week notice is valuable to us, but not necessary. Give us a call and we might be able to get you taken care of in a pinch. Uniforms are black on black formal but can be arranged to fit your events custom look.

$200.00 (7 hour serve time)

Bar Package 

Certified bartender, standard 4’ portable bar with linen, bar back table with linen, cooling bins for beer, wine and soda, serve-able ice bin, all bar tools required, caddies, bar fruits required, 9oz wine tumblers, 12 cocktail and soda cups, beverage napkins, stir sticks, ice (up to 180lbs), and ice cooling bin. Additionally you’ll meet up in person with us for a menu consultation, product purchase inventory, suggested retailers for purchase, and a custom printed menu. All you have to provide is the liquor, mixers and any additional beverages you would like served. 

7-8 hours serve time: $650.00

Bar Plus Package 

The Bar Plus Package includes everything from the “Bar Package,” plus mixers, sodas & fusion water of your choice. Your choices will depend on your menu and will be put into the menu after your initial in person consultation with us. 

Some craft made products are available for an additional cost and include some home made juices, root beer wort, flavored simple syrups, smoked honeys, simple syrups & bitters. Ask for details.



$1000.00 (based on 100 guests)